Book of the Month

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: A Guide to Career Revitalization for Financial Advisors

by: Steve Luckenbach (Author), Tim Vandehey (Author)

A financial advisor, a banker, and a stockbroker walk into a bar… So begins a story about professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Struck by the number of financial professionals laboring in careers devoid of purpose, meaning or true success, wholesaler and speaker Steve Luckenbach began asking questions. Questions about his life, the psychology behind financial decisions, what makes financial professionals valuable and why people act out of fear. Taking his answers on the speaking circuit, Steve wowed audiences, who inevitably asked, “Where’s your book?” Don’t Believe Everything You Think is that book. In it, three financial professionals journey through a living parable, led by a mysterious Guru who shares with them the secrets to finding wealth, passion and meaning in their work. Through these creative, challenging lessons, you will * Why you act like a sheep when your clients need a shepherd; * The neurological reasons we all make panicked investment choices; * The real source of value in your * Why knowledge can never guarantee success; * The secret to a career with more money and more joy. Join the financial advisor, banker and stockbroker in a dark Manhattan tavern. You’ll never look at your financial career the same way again.