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We are bringing back the American Dream: A job you enjoy, a home you can call yours, and money in your pocket. Helping people one day at a time, one step at a time, one person at a time.


We believe in a Real Education: Taught by the people, for the people.


Tyler Pencek, Founder of Real Life School


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Tyler A. Pencek has been an entrepreneur since the age of three, when he began selling golf balls he retrieved from his family’s backyard. He graduated from college and earned an MBA by the age of twenty-one but then entered the workforce with the keen sense that he wanted something more than the conventional business world had to offer. He left the rat race to follow an even more demanding calling: he became a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. This life-changing experience inspired Tyler to bring his message to the young people of America. Whatever they’re learning in school, Tyler believes it’s not the type of knowledge they need to get by as adults.


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