Steps to take after High School Graduation

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Graduating High School can be a very daunting season of life. Society has expectations of you, your parents have dreams for you, and you have probably wanted to take responsibility for your life. Before you jump right into another season of going to College, there are some foundational principles that you must master before your next phase. Our Mentors at Real Life School understand how important money management is and the importance of building your credit. Remember, credit is a tool, not just a free ticket to freedom. Credit and how you build it is just as important as making a budget and sticking to it. We hope the short video is a start to expanding your thoughts on your next step into becoming an adult. See the steps below as a quick reference.
1. Work on building your credit.
2. Make a budget, stick to your plan.
3. Find a job (may be a stepping stone to “Your Dream Job”).
4. Invest your savings, you don’t just save to have it sit you your account!

Most importantly don’t ever think you are alone and have to handle this next season on your own! Our Mentors are available for 1 on 1 mentor meetings to listen to your specific situation and formulate a place that fits your next season of life. If you have questions, we have the answers. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Learn About Steps to take after High School Graduation


1. Official High School Graduation Checklist

Official High School Graduation Checklist