Lawn and Yard Spring Maintenance Advice

About the Course

Course description:

1. Money saved money earned!
2. Aerate your yard yourself, or pay someone.
3. Spread respective lawn seed after aeration.
4. Equipment and tool clean up! Make sure you take care of the stuff you own, and it will last years… Maybe your entire life!
5. Don’t be lazy, do the work yourself, and be proud of the place you call home!

Number of videos in course: 3

Learn About Lawn and Yard Spring Maintenance Advice


1. 2. Aerate Your Grass

2. Aerate Your Grass- haha get your steps in!

2. Take Care of Your Gear

Jobs not complete until everything is cleaned up and put away.

3. Weed and Feed. Walk It Out

Not a joke, but take care of your gear. Had equipment and tools for years.... Money saved is money earned.