Are you really an ADULT AT 18? – Tyler Pencek

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Turning 18 can bring so many different emotions. Our company understands the ups and downs, the stresses, and the struggles that become a reality for you when you “become an adult”. This short video are just some lessons or points that you should consider when you make that jump. We believe you need as much exposure to life as possible, we want you to travel and see the world. And lastly, we strongly advise that you don’t make any permanent or life long decisions, frankly because you haven’t been around long enough to make life long decisions so early on in your life. This video is also a great reminder to parents to reference as a guide to leading their child to adulthood. No shoe fits all, but these basic steps will be a guiding principle to take some of the weight off of you as you step into the real world. Now you are 18, and we don’t change definitions, we live up to them! Have fun with these steps and remember, our Life Mentors are here to talk about your specific situation and build a plan geared towards your personality and passions. Schedule a 1 on 1 with a Life Mentor today and let’s set you up for success! Write your life’s story before society writes one for you….

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1. Are you really an ADULT AT 18?

Are you really an ADULT AT 18?